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Do we keep killing foreigners (the fad is now Muslims but we do not discriminate, never, ever). 

People have been killed based in "sure assertions" that, years later, result in false statements or at least look sort of ... bullish?  

  We need less colonels and more historians to remind us of:

 The Maine (officers are not expendables), the Indian Removal Act (are you people Zionist or protesters?), the First Barbary War (is Muslim a race, a cult (or) are they afraid of protection?),  the Franco-Quasi-War (if I do is war but if you do is piracy),  North Africa (Barbary barbarians (or) Can't you rip-off land without freaking pirates in the way?),  the Conquest of California  (We make movies or else),  Bombardment of San Juan del Norte (Americans pay no toll!),  First Sumatran Expedition (everybody pick on us, (or) Americans love pepper (or) too small not to grab it), the Paraguay expedition (How much for a crewman?), CSA vs USA (Slavery my foot (or) you are free to leave me, but dead!),  First Fiji Expedition (4th of July is U.S.A. copyright (or) is your island but is my store) 

  Support our troops? (or) Support democracy?

African Slave Trade Patrol (The war in slavery? (or) warming up the way to DEA-ICE-CIA), Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy (The War in Piracy! (or) the American version of the Knights Templar ), Bombardment of Qui Nhon (Nobody knows where revenge lies), Moro Rebellion (Why us? the Spanish were here first!), The Formosa Expedition (You can't win it all). Expedition to Korea (Love me or die!), Philippine-American War (Benevolent assimilation), Occupation of Nicaragua (My Channel or not channel), Occupation of Haiti (Plutocracy (or) Taking Care of Business), Occupation of the Dominican Republic (My force is your protection (or) your tax is my enjoyment), First World War (Too many Muslims (or) Jews need some land back),   

The Mexican War is too painful and shameful to even be discussed in this article


Banana Wars - Occupation of the Dominican Republic

During the WWII were the only time in history that the occupation and fights with friends and foes of the United States were justified and not directly associated with the new imperialism system of  annexation by tricks or sticks.

After the Second World War. Fight for supremacy between Soviet Union and United States.

Puerto Rican Revolts  (You are mine forever), Korean War (We have a new euphemism "containment" or from now on my containment or not content), First Indochina War (There were French war criminals or they were Foreign legionaries?),  Vietnam War (Who needs rice? or Strong fighters came in small package), Laotian Civil War, ( the color of the glass changed the view or money is a moral force to deal with), 1958 Lebanon Crisis (Pick in Muslims start a conflict or bullish Eisenhower), Congo Crisis (United Nations stretching muscle or Diary of Vampires), Bay of Pigs Invasion  (O Brother, where art Thou or the cooks convention), Colombia Conflict  ( So many armies so few liders ), Occupation of Dominican Republic ( Trujillo or Marines, the banana choice ), Operation Menu ( The menu includes bombing without war declaration and terrorism with formalities), Gulf of Sidra incident (The Law of the Western or Cowboys vs Indians), Lebanese Civil war (Wars by induction or the neighborhood) . Invasion of Grenada (Lion vs Tied up monkey or We are so tough that we make the world shake), The bombing of Libya (The movie power or the power of the movies), Invasion of Panama ( Military-police-bullish or making friends by force)

The massacre of Yugoslavia

On March 24, 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) commences air strikes against Yugoslavia with the bombing of Serbian military positions in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo. The NATO offensive came in response to a new wave of ethnic cleansing launched by Serbian forces against the Kosovar Albanians on March 20. History Channel

The Bombing of Yugoslavia / (pictures)

The Clinton's and the Serbians

Note of the editor: Those kind of "humanitarian help" never ocurred against Israel and its cleansing of Palestinians

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To be continued


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