A Len Zayas commentary. (I did not pick on them, they are picking on us) 3042017

Another wasted space for a library instead of a school

 It's funny to notice that an almost gone president, that did sh** during his presidency, whom promised heavens and stars during his tenure and delivered sh**, is getting so strong when retiring. This genius of advertising and political maneuvers, allowed his shift to be accused of cheating and tampering, by both of the runners. True or false the accusation, he did nothing to clarify it. If  something, he makes matter worst. He try to involve another nation. A nation that happens is not a "banana republic", not even an old west town with a simple sheriff as peace officer. We are starting to mess with nations of our own size, just because our regular people; workers, soldiers, professionals, retiree, lower income, etc. are in a more befitting relation with our archaic human caliphate state system than a federalist for the whole nation. (we fight to "defend" countries that have free education and universal medical care,  while we can not even pass the stupid "Obamacare" thru the stupid Congress that is slower (most of the time) than the Roman senate during the times of  Caligula, when intelligent suggestions were let to his crazy and eccentric decisions.  In the other hand, faster than machine guns when is laws for their own benefit. (ex: to raise their own salary or to forgive fellows with trespassing, or laws that cover their own tracks or to accept people running for office without taking in consideration their mental capacities or shallow pass).   

 But the "Democratic ruler" that is " We the People" are everyday, more and more complacent with the advantageous life we get out of our strongest military. International police with power over every weaker country than ours. 

 We prefer to spend a trillion in destroying the schools, hospitals (most of they free for the user) build by governments in other countries for people in other nations, than to use that money in the same type of infrastructure for our own. 

 We have to finish with the fallacy (taught in our elementary schools, the only almost free, like an important curriculum for the civic development) that the one that work have to pay with their money for the kids of the "lazy ones", or the undocumented. Free medical for the less fortunate, could be  expensive, but is feasible,  human and democratic. 

 We believe that since we have soldiers/police in every place with problems around the world (mostly created by ourselves) we have solutions for everybody, and in a way also make some money for our, already, super-rich controllers. Funny though, our leaders, they are everyday looking less and less like Americans and more like extraterrestrials trying to destroy our beautiful blue planet, building ways to fill with junk the space in our atmosphere while preparing transportation to other places to build hotels, resorts and all kind of craziness, under the umbrella of "science". 

 Science my foot, people that use machines, even for adding 3+3, but trying with their paraphernalia and Star Trek language, to prove that a simple piece of rock is the creation  of the universe, should be more appropriately settled in a madhouse than giving Nobel prizes, scholarships and tenures (more than ignorant, they should be called dopey, taking in consideration what 65% of the students in the world were doing (89% in the American colleges and universities) from the 60s to the 2000s) 

 We are thinking, due to our ignorance of history, like Britons, Persians, Romans, and the like. We think we are creating an empire, something big and beautiful, with everybody helping their peers because we are all equals.

  "Get out of here!"  you people are worst than kids.. Can you look around your neighborhood? since  when you saw people helping people? No, giving a hand to an old neighbor is not what we are talking about, most men pick stuff for girls, for teachers or for their mothers. We get so many charities request that is just obnoxious. 5 per day in my box.  Sorry but is a ridiculous thing to find out that "in the richest country in the world" everybody think that I am the poster child of richness. I'll start writing "Return to sender" or "Ask your congress people" 

 They do not teach imperialism in college. They want you to know about the: grands conquerants"* that or they are using the wrong text books. All empires end  in some crap; Babylonia, Great Britain, Guatemala, Turkey, and so forth. They do not teach that or anything like it,  just they expect you to know how to recite "The Pledge of Alliance" and to help/pay/vote any corny crone that shows in TV telling you and others that "the world is his oyster". Dimwits! 

 To know when a country is going toward imperialism is very easy,  even for a kid, but you have to teach it. If they, kids, think or believe that their country is heaven on earth, or that they are invincible like Alexander, or smarter that anybody else, or just with the right to kill with impunity since we are getting accustomed to take military advantage of the loser/weak colonization motto. In the last case, please! Just remind  them of some exceptions .-  like Viet Nam  or Bahia of Pigs or maybe Little Bighorn. Repeat, since most people that did not lost friends or relatives in those weird games, probably forgot... We were the losers! 

 Even when we won a war we lost something, like in the costly WWII. Excuse my rudeness, but "no pain no gain"

 If something, to provoke Russia is to disavow a minimum of history, and at provoking our (already pass minority president) is almost an expert. But, God forbid! We can get another big mouth and that will be trouble. Believe me!  

 The phrase "Death King - New King" is a gross joke for the people. Nothing change. Maybe just a new library, (not matter what "illustrated" the new president can be or not)  some distasteful White House decoration, most cabinet members replaced, maybe some new Supreme Court nomination, and henceforth. Practically the same Congress, the same Army, the same Police, the same Oil Companies,  is just the same.   

  Shame most people can't see with what intention. Maybe our rookie president just want to be the first in the century to be in the other end of a declared war, really, not virtually declared, by other nation (since him and all the others Commander in Chief, always have excuses to "defend", in not declared wars, their innocent and "non invasive nation") or albeit my words, to be the last  President to cause a cataclysm. Maybe to accelerate the coming of the Lord. Good Luck in that one!

 One thing is for sure: Our last, almost Emperor,  is the one that allowed, more Afro-Americans to be killed in the back, running or unarmed, the one that got out in the clear (some of) the systems of torture experimented by his administration with the infamous CIA. The same CIA that a noble, tough naive, president close and another philanderer one (almost kill me with his limousine) reopen.    

  But the last one, it was something else. He is the one that used expensive clone aircrafts to kill foreign and nationals individuals when a simple (not so special) sniper could do it. He force to hiding and to exile honest people that, wrong or right, did the best they could to stop so much crime and injustice. 

Most other presidents let criminals to get free, using some kind of "perverted patriotism" be their defense, but him let a young guy/girl, or whatever, to rot in jail just because the accused was sure of doing the best for his country. It make me think that him just hate us Americans, for the simple reason that thinkers, and some of us still having brain, will not allow a poster with some face, or a chair in congress, dull our sense of love for humanity and our country. No matter what stupid things be repeated in the Zionist controlled media or how much money be expended in making us believe that we are the minority. 

 Good retirement for him and his blind servants or henchmen.

 Len Zayas  1/17

 * In reality "noblemen" looking for some easy conquest using mercenaries help by promising them war spoil. Like combatants, they were behaving more like rear guard soldiers, protected and pampered. Historically inflated by bootlickers and lackeys. Exalted by biographers and modern day script writers with no common sense or worries about what kind of seed they were sowing for future generations. lz


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