Phrases that  "superior and powerful" people, specially with nuclear reach, should never say in public. But they probably will, in the wrong place and at the wrong moment.

About China: "Somebody told me that when you see a Chinese just multiply for a million so you know how many you can't see"

About Japan: "Somebody told me, never trust anybody that keep their eyes closed"

About Vietnam: "You people are cute. Probably lost the war with us because you are so small".- A close voice: "Sir, we are the ones that lost the war".- "Then what the help we are doing here without the troops?

About Korea: "God give different names to this nations for some reason. We will decide who will prevail"

About Pakistan: "You are a happy and independent people today thanks to the passivity of Maharashi Gandhi and American support for  your fight for independence from England"

About Hawaii: "Some distracted leader say; "We were attack on December 7 1941"- I clarify today; it was not an attack in US, it was in a colony that happens to have our already old navy forces. But like all our leaders, past and present (specially present) we know that all colonies will be, sooner than late, one American state. We have to defend every little country in the world.- except Palestine because God, with the help of England,  give them to the Jewish"

Len Zayas Nov/2017

The problem caused by people living in the US. It is not to try to achieve the "American Dream", but that in the process they allow not, to peacefully sleep the rest of humanity. Len Zayas

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