Len Zayas English edition

The Second Debate and what it represent to the World (Final)

by: Len Zayas


Who in their right mind expect to find fairness in a Jew? 

Chapter 3

"We have Jews in every aspect of the American life, from the Superior Court to the steps of the Capitol. The last one is where their intelligence is more brilliant. The kinetic energy produced from papers (dollars, documents, laws or whatever) passing from hand to hand illuminates the future of America" Len Zayas 

 The Second Presidential Debate... Promises, promises. That's not the worst. We have not enough with the outrage of the contenders and  their distortion of historical facts shoot by both opponents at each other. In top of that we have to listen at the designated Jewish in the panel. The one's in charge of taking side with the privileged chosen, one at the moment, are there not to help the public to understand the situation, at the contrary, to add  confusion at the already clutter of gibberish. 

 We already explain in other places of our site that the Zionist intent is, to take advantage of their position like the favorites of some God of their own invention, a God that love to cut everything in half, put it to fight with each other and, (thing that he/her apparently enjoy) by all accounts make a misery of the brief human existence, while leaving them, elitist humans, to play as gods too. Just as in the old and  amalgamated fables that we all know as mythology.  

 Funny discussions these debates engender, with junior journalists pretending to be part of the debate and not in the qualified part of moderators. They are a normally evidence of the ignorance (or cynicism) of the materials supposed to be discussed. As TV commentators, reporters wannabe or pawns of the system, they look more as repeaters parrots trained by Jewish Zionist if other thing. 

 Is not enough with the potential president trying to slide to the dingy ignorance of 4th grade history  while making us look like the salvation of the world, again and again, thanks to their promises of ... a better world? No, now we have 101 journalist with incisive and sharp question that only show to the other countries and to our own people, why we are good in Science/ technology (armaments?) because in Arts/History we have back, back little memories that can be recalled only with cinematographic King Edward's sword, the cape of Red Riding and the majestic attitude (helped with whiskey or whatever Mr. Flint drank in his libations) of pirates, corsairs and filibusters. (not counting raiders disguise as riders, like the good-natured Teddy did in Cuba) So much backwards facts in history that make us believe that anything older of 70 years shouldn't be discussed by normal people under the risk of being considered braggers  and our professional politicians, retrogrades. Including closest facts that sleep thru the celluloid like the  "intended help" to the Chinese people (The Sand Peebles), patrolling the Yangtze River? (Only in America! better say China) and rescuing  missionaries (later on) like in the future, future doctors (valid redundancy)  in Grenade. Other historical arrangement (closest to the truth) was the Spanish Civil War (For Whom the Bell Tolls) that give Germany a way to test their guns against an almost alone socialist government. Few Americans were against the Nazis, communist were in that time the synonym of "devilish" , and course, in the movie they did not give even a slight indication of the difference between "communist" and "socialist". Spain never was or will be Communist. And in America we are not to clear in the situation. We still with the head in 1935. If only Hemingway will live a little longer and write a script about Bahia of Pigs, and explain why Cuba been socialist, become (apparently) communist, maybe we will go back to the books and learn about history, save some money and maybe, just maybe, will have enough greens to pay for college tuition and medical services. We lost the hope to read (or see) a movie about Hawaii, (no Pearl Harbor, South Pacific, and the likes) I mean movies that answer the crazy words that I hear from High School graduates. ex: "Mexicans are invading our country", "English is the original language of America", "Hawaii is part of the American continent", "What language they speak in Spain?", " George Washington never was disloyal to the English Crown", "France, Great Britain and United States are symbols of democracy"...., and henceforth.

 Who in their right mind expect to find fairness in a Jew? .. I think I saw the light in their stubbornness of seeing everything on a different perspective. Any suggestion, any sight or narration, of no matter what you find, the other side happens to be the Jewish side. Is like a genetic dementia.  History been a part of that senility - And the funny thing is that the best historian that I know, superb writers, incredible thinkers, are... American or Canadian Jews!  But those I admire and respect happens to be a minority. Mostly opposed to dictatorship, enemies of crimes and abuses, some are even socialists, rebels, dissidents and revolutionaries. Not to many. Is a matter of fact that the majority (Nobel Prize Board and recipients, International Money Reserve managers and owners, Academy of the Arts and bla, bla, bla, NASA founders, Atomic Commission founders, etc.) are just riding in at work of the good Jews minority. You can find the good ones in my pages, and the satanic work (Bible inspiration) of the bad ones too. Two names came to mind right away: Henry Kissinger and Benjamin Netanyahu.   

Many historian, mainly Semites, use the Bible like a book of facts, but they also use (very knowledgeable people) Allan Kardec, Homer, Hinduism, Zarathustra, disciples of Maharishi  Mahesh Yogi and specially his disciples Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, everything Egyptian is a good source. They only are very carefully with Persian and Muslim stuff. (Muslim to the bad Jews is like communist to the good Yankees). 

 Every thing is argumentative for this troublemakers (except what the Bible says, good or bad, and that include how the Old Testament and the New Testament (wrong name but is part of that conspiracy) came to be the same printed book from the hand of a German artisan; Gutenberg. (very convenient) I am not sure who try to take advantage of the growing Christian religion, the high class in Strasbourg or the religious claque so abundant in the important cities, including the rich (even though persecuted) Jews, to which Gutenberg, has been indicated, belong.   

 They (the Jewish population) make us believe, by a mental association with the almost forgotten Mayflower, that they come to America (or any other part of the world) looking for religion freedom. First the religious experience is close related to the political force of every religious group and their relations with the political/military gang of other religions or practice... and second; the experience shows they do not mean what they say. Is no way we can expect freedom of any kind, in places that are or could be in disadvantage with our weaponry and philosophy. Is just that the one with the control and medium to enforce it will make the decisions in what is what. Capice? ..

 Now the Jewish are a race (or denomination) that when convenient is a religion, or a country or a club or whatever. The only constant is that they are (by more standards, including their own) different, better, more intelligent, and with the best memory and experiences. (They even have conversations, arguments and exploits with their God!) All this human privileges, including to have a God with different names  (Yahweh, Elohim, Shaddai, Baal, Alpha, Omega or whatsoever) were used to indicate what was repeated later, in the old testament as: I am your God, (as a doubtful god that have to be sure, in the mind of the writers course, that whatever it was conveying, does not was clear)  If it was coming from a superior deity, It need reassurance for sure!) - notice that all this contradictions about the different stages of God or gods in the Bible,  have been clarified by Jesus himself in the Gospels, not necessarily approved or repealed by the Son of the Real God, but I repeat, clarified for the apostles and Jesus followers. It happens continually with the commandments of the Pentateuch.   And they can do whatever they want just because their kings were anointed? At least our non-elected authorities are  selected by individuals  or groups of such, without any divine interventions (at least you consider that bible in the hands of a judge is regarded as a source of power) The funny part is that more of them; Jews (surprise!) Do not belief in miracles coming from upstairs!! ...

 Heavens no! That supernatural thing possessed by biblical kings did not came from the promises done by the translators, muses, angels to the special humans, but by the elitist lineage transmitted by Jewish priest (now rabbi), kings, heroes and the likes, thru testicles and spermatozoa. 

 Now they have a new noun: DNA. You see people looking backwards to find a connection to this super race. And heck we all have a lot of ancestors. And more of them have been teach to belief in gold, diamond and dollars. But the more vexing of all this, is that Jews believe in the last faith mentioned more than any other religious people. Probably they came with that famous motto: "In Gold We Trust"

 Unfortunately, after been so abused by the last super people they tried to hook with (Nazi Germans)   it was not a good relationship, now they got to (join.., help.., ask, direct, butter?)  somebody else. They got their water tested with the help of Great Britain, but found a new way of been part of a powerful nation, in this case that they smell, at last, like a possible empire, or want to be, just like they need it. Since that is their historic calling.  Or so they say.

  They choose a country, or coalition which only need to supply them with the raw material for brainwashing, enough human material to be used for imposing rules by force in any place. Easy  to get  enough modern armaments, leaders with enough ambitious, like the ones do not care about their own people, citizens with some look alike religion knowledge. Better if they have a kingdom... Hallelujah! they got so lucky that they found one which of that,  there have plenty. 

 We have to add for the benefits of the Jewish race; they really got abundance of persistence. If we add to their international use of religious "freedom", fallacy or not, the persistence of this people, their support for their own race, the fidelity to the Zionism, the handling of economical maters, the sacrifices to which they expose themselves, the love for efforts toward their goals. We will have to admire them, if only they do not cross the path of the Christian and not only to facilitate the death of the Savior (it was not a prophesy but an unknown requirement) but to try to corrupt their doctrines with false gospels and (sometime stupid biblical connections directed to confuse the follower of the Christ and make it work at their favors, like the End of the World.) Paraphrasing Get Smart: "If only they use their smartness for goodness instead of evilness"

 They love,  Freedom and Democracy, to exploit, to ask for benefice or stipend. Any religion prevalent in their places of pass or stop, been for rest, supply or prayer, are like a training camp. Ready they get to make their sapience so bright that will make those people blind,  like in the old Canaan and their surrounding, like then, now will be easy grass springing up from the sands with the fertilizer of clones, modern arms and super planes. 

 Then get ready world, we have a already proven prospective allied for United States, (Only in America!) a defender of (American style) democracy (the freedom for us, the others are OK with some heavy hands). This seasoned fighters, once rejected by all their peers, but now defended/assisted  by their tutors in Europe, dreaded by their Arabs neighbors, respected and sometimes feared by the troops in NATO! They are back!!

 The backdrop is that Europe is full of losers, and they, for sure "want to be in that number when the Saints/Jews go marching in"



Chapter 4

The new American continent is not an exception. 

"I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said" William F. Buckley

 Back to Martha Raddatz, she knows about Aleppo what more TV reporters in this continent and part of Europe knows (NAS!), I can't imagine as this people became what they call "journalists", seldom the education resume touch that profession. Make an interview and Boom! they are journalists.- in that case I will be the king of that profession. I interview more "important people" plus have  conversation with them as friends and teachers that all the staff of FOX, CNN and MSNBC put together. No kidding.

 Martha interview a lot of military crones, (they all speak alike and never give information. they... They are soldiers! and Martha, I do not think is trying to get what they know?... Right?) She probably listen to their side and their interpretations. Their political games and ambitions. Their bullish wishes and so forth. Who cares?

 Well just look at history, our actual situation in the world, a little imagination and that is.. you can find out how good we are in the military, statistic and leadership positions. We do not need anybody to remind us of those aforementioned fables or how bad the wolf is. Chee! we are from Chicago, or Detroit or the Pedrera or any mysterious land that can may or not may your imagination or those places explode. We do not need this new breed of Jewish journalists, or directors, or anything. Honest to God (the Good God) 

 Think people... because your informers (more of them) are lacking the expertise in their trade and instead those stations are filling their arks with easy money and paying to gossipers.

US Secretary of State John Kerry embraces Alan Gross at Base Andrews when the last one was  liberated from Cuba's prison. More heroes for our arguable collection.

Chapter 5

When selling is the name of the game, we first buy, take and them steal.-

"Other people have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis." Brendan Beham

 Taking in consideration that historically the Jewish are been specializing in propaganda, dispersion of rumors, braggarts, unfunded histories and the likes. Since their more antique books, so well treated that millions, not only Jewish, are been considering their Bible... Sacred! Well, look those that invent competences,  just look those who win the prizes,  those who are becoming famous,  those who are getting in trouble with half the world and inciters of war and arms build up. Only blind people can't notice the difference. 

 Like an example how this people work and control (or try to control) our minds. After the Martha tirade, empowered by been a moderator (excuse me for living!) against Trump, that it could be against anybody since that was part of the orders she received, not journalist that appreciated the millions they get in their overpaid "mission", can risk to loose if their disobey the orders of their bosses, that happens to be (in this case also) Jewish. Just look what shows in You Tube about her ignorance (or the one that feed it, about Aleppo).

 Well they (mainly the Zionist Jews) do it to the avalanche of people curious about they crying "holocaust" position, in so interesting contrast to their imperialistic, colonizing attitude toward the Palestinian, are trying, mainly in the American continent, to understand what's going on with this whatever they really are. Mainly they feel that to be a race have not helping much to the blacks in America, at least in the northern part, possibly been a religion can get some perks in North America, tax exemptions are been always welcome to some kind of "investors". Whatever movies, radio, TV, journalism (without schooling), books publishing, promotions (like the Nobel prize), sports competence (now in decline in their area of expertise), and last but not less; politic. Can be a big advantage for people that has build a confidence in their "intelligence" and not less some kind of scariness between the simplistic people that inhabit our beautiful and fragile planet.

History is always written by the winner. That is what makes empires, invaders, criminals and the likes look good.-

"I am not always right, but never have been wrong" Len Zayas

 The muddle went so far that the Romans, (other of those inflated by third kind historians) help to mix up the Christian philosophy with the Mosaic (and later Muslim) customs. All that just because Jesus was born in Bethlehem that happens to be part of Judah (Canaan or  Palestine) any place but Israel. Easy to understand, thanks to the  misguided sense of deployment and geography that the escaped people from Egypt inherited from the followers of Moses. The Son of God, could had easily been Armenian or  Egyptian at birth. The important in this case is that the teaching of Jesus are 180 degrees with the barbaric, childish, self center, ignorant and confused medieval syncretism that the Kabala,  the Talmud, the Torah, and who knows what else, from Egypt, Babylonia or the Sinai. 

 The Jews, we all know, are very proud of their heritage. I respect and admire that, but most people do not understand, they believe in their destiny, they see us, the gentiles, no like humans to be converted to their ideas, we are only a medium to riches, power and support. If not their slaves, must be something similar. The word patriotism, home, family is firmly tied to their obsession of supremacy. And course, the Christian belief that we are all equal at the eyes of God, the father of Christ, contravene their cause, religion or whatever they name that ancient conglomerate.

Chapter 6

What all this Jews thing have to do with the American election?

"Parrots mimic their owners. Their owners consider that a sign of intelligence." Marty Rubin

 If the Bible is as old like some people claim, them the ancestor of the Jewish invented: Colonization by force, incest, lies, disguise, trickery, adultery, slavery, robbery, tyranny, genocide, racism, war crimes, abuse, treason, espionage, etc. All can be proven using the word of ... God?

 Our country is already so close to this people, and their opposites, that we feel like families. We open our arms to everybody. (Where we get that idea from?) well, after we consider the Jews of the world like our new Americans (they still been Jewish, Israelites and whatever) now we do not like the Muslim anymore. We even kill people because they are free to have their own religion, but... (too long a chain of events, recently just Waco) anybody can create their own. But it happens that Bible related are the more abundant. Do you know why? Because is the more liberal, perverse and so easy in documentation. They have already approved anything you want to do.

 In the other arena. Imitation. We are justifying all kind of crimes and abuses under this maxims: Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Security.  (there are more, but for sample, just 4 buttons)

 Freedom for whom? ....  Democracy? (Can you define it under every religion and custom?) .... 

 Equality? Show me the standard... the representative of the Law or the petty thief? ... the soldier or the general? ... The president or the Secret Agent? ... The drunk Irish or the drunk Native? ... The poor worker or the rich plantation owner? ... How long do you think I can go? 

 Security for whom? For a super country with bases around the world or the country that have the armaments, the soldiers and live under the radar of the real or imaginary enemy of a foreign country?

 We are already in a situation of opposition to reason, humanity and love for the neighbor. Whatever we intervene, to help and do a good deed, everything get screwed. Why, just because we are following or the devilish stuff. Praying for murderers, asking sacrifices from the extenuated ones, following opinions of people that look come from out of space, protecting criminals people and criminals countries. All this while assassinating the not so good and the good ones. Just think: Do your elected officials knows the difference between an invader and a native? between Israel and Palestine? between Saudi Arabia and Syria? between a dictator elected by the people and one elected by the military? or better yet, elected by a foreign nation?  the difference between a patriot and a mercenary? the difference between a nurse or a doctor and a shooter? the difference between a hospital and a fortress? between a kid and a man? Apparently they do not know. If they do not know, how come you expect a soldier to know.

Martha Raddatz - Anderson Cooper  they represent part of the teachers that been Jews themselves or under some Jew orders, are showing your elected officials how to behave, and making them the conscience that they, the Zionist parrots, represent public opinion. And better yet, many of the public think they are the minority when they, the general public, are not.

They are worst than spies, spies work in specific task, but this religious fanatic, even though they have not to much respect for what they say they venerate, taking more care with formalism, rites and visual things that with the philosophy of Judaism.

 Why you people did not ask the question you know they will agree? Like The position with the abuses of Israel, the money we give to them and the money that everyone of the politicians collect from the exploiters, abusive, thief called merchants that took our country by storm and the customer money with tricks and convenient laws? No, for you parrots that is not important, sorry dud, those are the things that we care. Is more, if that matter is not addressed at the time of the election, just notice how many people do not vote, it will give you an idea how the majority think. I know that you CNN, Univision, MSNBC, FOX, Aztec, BBC and all the gang will not let people know the truth, but since they are other mediums that you can not control in a almost free society (so far) we will know. No matter how much you try to silence; AlJazeera, Russia Today, Palestine Free, TeleSur, Democracy Now, LenZayas.com,  LenZayas.eu, LZayas.com, and many TV news station around the world that not use the news for money but for information. The Jewish control all the media that make money, the poor one ( in many places) belongs to the people, and the Zionist-American ones belong to the establishment, dictatorship or  whatever. They do not give a dam about freedom, except the freedom of exploitation, slavery and destruction of the planet.

 That is... so far

Len Zayas 13/10/2016

See this: 

   As the New York Times describes it, alongside co-moderator Anderson Cooper, she "posed blunt, provocative questions at a forum that typically feels more like public broadcasting than cable news." She was confident, authoritative, and incredibly knowledgeable about all the topics discussed... 


 Really? That shows how much some people in the New York Times knows     about politic, Aleppo and Jews, or in other words: How well trained in    politicking and fallacies are this people. Anything but to talk about destroyed hospitals and dismembered little kids when non-Syrian or non-Russian heroes are involved.


So much for the historically correct newspaper... is time to get recycled.

 Almost END

Len Zayas is a former journalist, Chief Producer of  UNESCO preserved Spanish Movie Reel (ICAIC) 1961-1964                    


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