Len Zayas English edition

The Second Debate and what it represent to the World (First)

by: Len Zayas

"We are the United States of Amnesia, we learn nothing because we remember nothing" Gore Vidal

"Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive" William F. Buckley

"I don't think anybody had been more slandered than the Jews" Fidel Castro

Chapter I

  Funny debates with journalists pretending to be debaters and not moderators. Not only that, but also proving to be very ignorant of the international conflicts supposed to be discussed. In every session, stand, everyone of them, to be just pay repeaters parrots trained by Jewish Zionist. Ex: Martha Raddatz.-Asking and taking position with, like she really knew, with the imperialistic mess created by the famous contenders, Russia and USA, in the sad city of Aleppo, Syria. Who in his right mind will assign Jews to interrogate? (in this case more than to ask questions) expecting to find fairness when Muslims, Palestinian, Arabs or the likes are involved.  No matter what you add in the other side; the supremacy will show up on the inflated, conceited and confused Jewish  part of the equation. 

  In USA we have all kind of people, could be good or bad, that depends in who is talking and also about whom or what. Is generally known (our country) as: "The Melting Pot" . With everything that entails, we have to live with the consequence of our (intended) humanitarian effort. We brought slaves to alleviate the overpopulation in Africa, to facilitate medical, education and nourishment of the over tanned Africans. Later every nation in the world, mainly south Americans, tried to (and keep trying) to imitate our ways and take advantage of us.

  Depending in the control that some groups can exercise over the printed or (whatever) word, is the intensity of the acceptance by the rest of the groups. The effect, with little effort, can even, became universal. We all know what group control the words (written, spoken, projected, enforced or crushed in the skull) in our complex society, right?. Furthermore I need not to extend this area beyond the constriction of our (and your) time. That is the power of  repetition, the basic of advertising, propaganda, and also brainwashing (bw). The system that make people hear a word repeatedly and the result been, that stick in their minds like a label to a bottle. 

  Is not my intention to make a thesis about simple psychology, but to demonstrate like using words and handling history, they (Martians, spirits, or whatever this people are) are pretending to be important in the development of present civilization. 

  Starting with words: How we refer to people? White, Asiatic, Blacks, Latinos, (a barbarism but it works) Native, Jews and so forth. Now in that precedent, what we call a Cuban?  An American? (they are part of the group discovered by Columbus  and furthermore part of the American continent) An Antillean? ( Cuba is the biggest of the Antillean group) A Caribbean? they are part of the Caribbean sea. We can go forever. Is they are white (non American) they are referred to like a White Cuban, A Black Cuban, or Mulatto, Creole, etc. seldom a mix race are called a Mulatto Cuban or a Cuban Mulatto. Seldom if coming from more nations. Never with an "American" (maybe North Americans do not know how to differentiate a Mulatto from a Carabalí or a Creole. We do) Honest, the truth is; cooks of the melting pot do not know the variety of elements that make up the soup. Is shameful but here come the Jews to the rescue.

  We are been "bw" (brain washed by the word's controller) to simplify in the exaggerated diversification created in the aforementioned Pot, by using names as:  Native Americans, Cuban American, Chinese American, Russian American, Latin American, Portuguese American.... You name it. If you give some attention, you will notice there are 2 missed in the whole range xxx-American, and that will proof my simple theory.  

  The Jews call the Europeans: Whites. Undoubtedly some of them are very, very,  clear. (I guess Albinos fell into that category) White is the combination of all the colors, while black is the absence of all the colors in the spectrum (chromatically speaking). Something is very simplistic in the definitions of races (or very stupid).  

  With the exception of Jews (race, religion, nation, or whatever they really are) any other race that tell me "Europeans are white or dark or tinted" I will answer - I can see you never have been in Europe- But that's not reasonable to say about people that had been expulsed so many times from so many places, including  Europe's nations. - Why? That is material for a different writing. 

  The Jews keep the "American" part for their own combination, they are Jews first and American second, but for the rest of the people have to be "American-Jew". They make clear to always spell it that way, so like to all the people the Jews are "American" first, but not for themselves. For they to take that little slash is just a simply convenience and "bw"

That's also part of what is becoming like a trade mark for the country, in the political, judiciary and entertainment industry, is always showing, a real Jewish surname, some sort of prized supremacist label like "famous", "expert", "the best", "hero", "honored" or "distinguished"  (must of them without any merit at all) when in reality the one that history make for them is : FALLACIOUS. 

FALLACY.- Accordingly to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

a false idea or belief the once-common fallacy that girls just weren't any good at math 

(By the author definitions.- To take the antonym of a word and be applied like the real word for convenience or Brainwashing). EX: We shoot and kill the suspect in our own defense since he looks like a criminal. EX.- Our soldiers have need of deadly armaments because we have to defend peace.   

And the biggest of all the fallacies in all English Dictionaries.-Democracy. (just check by yourself)

Democracy historical and by common sense mean only one thing: The Rule of the majority

-Webster (the Dictionary not the one from Different Strokes) have contradictory and fallacious meaning for democracy. EX: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges (not counting Beverly Hills, golf courses, Harvard, Yale,  parliaments, NATO, churches, etc, etc. all of which call themselves democratic entities)

 EX: Democracy is a political unit that has a democratic government . (All dictatorships call their system democratic) all tyrannies, all monarchies, all transnational, even all jails say they practice democracy so this word has developed in the flagship of : FALLACY. 

  It not only explain so many advances in the Tarragona acceptation of a group that only give trouble to the whole world, by their own accord since the creation, and never really conquest anything. Not counting the small villages that fell as easy prey on their neighborhood of the Middle East. Skirmish that also serve the purpose of showing how this special kind of person knew how to incite all kind of passions in other groups that, they suspect, were easy and mainly cowardly prey.  They try, thru the whole history, to gain access to gossips, smart people, beautiful women, strong guys, intelligence, valuable stocks and the likes. When they got it, they just eliminated the former associates under three main reasons: been betrayed, jealousy or the more powerful of the alleged reasons (read the Bible or Talmud) a mysterious voice translated by the prophet in turn, (God, Yahweh, Shaddai, Olam, Elyon, Elohe Yisrael, etc. 

  There were so cool in their relations with the other tribes, that they did not incited things like hate or love necessarily , just what their put their heart to it, like inspiring admiration (they convey all kind of titles, honors, inventions, etc.) shame (like guilt in others by the fact of been persecuted or outcasts, and in modern times, victim of the holocaust), envy (because lots of them figure, and many times developed, control systems to gain economically rich friends and exploiters corporations), despise (like just in our times, at the treatment of Palestinian to which people, with the help of England, they stripped of lands and rights), contempt (at the way that using tricks and cunning devices they escalated to make a toy out of some, of what they considered, inferior nations). The Bible and history books are full of examples.

  They  are, we all know now, very proud of their heritage. I respect and admire that, but what most people do not understand is what they make to nations that fell under their opinion control, either literary, economically or politically; and this have been proved in half of the whole world.  Those nations as Russia, United States, England, Spain, Germany and others become, after the Jewish experience, not reliable like partners for the rest of humanity. 


They, the Jews, do not control knowledge, they control and keep for themselves, a monopoly in determining  who knows and why. And insure to control not the judges, but who pick the judges.  

 In relation to money, just check who control United States Federal Reserve , and the world banks. 

Chapter 2

"This people are, apparently controlling, just one nation, but they appear making trouble all around the globe. Always sheltered by a big nation and under the fallacious "Democracy" like a mustard gas in the eyes of their opponents."

"The Jews should not  be allowed to keep what they have obtained from others by usury; it were best that they were compelled to work it so that they  could earn their living instead of doing nothing but become avaricious" -------13th Century Saint Thomas Aquinas

  It makes people sick to hear how we talk about what Russia does when we ask them to be involved, like in Syria, avoiding (Jewish style) to make clear as we destroy hospitals before them, we kill kids in Iraq and Afghanistan. How can we criticize our partners in adventure?  

  All kids are human. Kids are live matter. If their own people do not care, we have, by inertia, to emulate all their cynic acts, not to help them acting like cowards terrorist shield by drones, bombers and the likes. When you kill without taking in consideration the innocent, not matter what, you are a murderer. With or without uniform. The powerful  anointed by the Jew's god (probably Mars as far as I know) enjoy those kind of atrocities, [see Deut. 20:16-17] and against soldiers and kids. Is not hard to find, like listed in the atrocities that biblical Jews committed against humanity. But just reading their history in the Good Book, like some people called, your hair will stand up. Ex: 1st and 2nd of Samuel, Chr, Kings, etc.  Not what all this people are trying to put in the head of everyone, that they are, just because is so, that they are one of the more blessed people in the world, if not the more. Incredible but true!.. 

  If they are the favorites of their God, What we let for the rest of us? The Israelites happens to be one of the more aggressive, liars, abusive and immoral and pretentious country. Listen to your conscience and not to the monkeys, clowns, parrots in TV, remember that you are not a thing. You are the people that are supposed to care. You do not benefit from the revolving door that goes from the senate to the Jewish enterprises to the senators again. Money traveling from our government to the Israeli government to the politicians again. In every turn of the door new smoke curtain get on the air, confused with the smoke of bombs thrown to real and fictitious enemies. Enemies that get invited to our shores while running from the bombs build, many times, by their own compatriots. 

  Is the same history that the war against the drugs, we ask for all the trespasser of our laws that do not live in this country, to be send here, to be punished. Then the Israelis/Jews spend millions in  "bw"  advertising proving that the "narcs" hate the good USA because their punishment is too harsh. 

  Martha Raddatz.-Asking and taking position with Aleppo. Really? What she knows? Well we will find out after more important details... hold a second... She is Jewish! and did interviews. 

 OK tell me what we are suppose to know about what Russia made to Aleppo that Israel never made to Gaza or West Bank, or Lebanon, or that United States never made to Aleppo. 

  If you were a Christian I will remind you about "the specks in someone else's eye and the beam in your own" but this been a free and Jewish impregnated society, I just think about it. Still, our mind and yours do not rotate in the same orbit. 

  Martha Raddatz.- If you do not have Flash or have problem with the video use Chrome... If you are using a mobile try to click in camera (only for video)


  Just Notice in the Video the title giving by the Jewish press and compare it to the real people opinions. That will give you an idea what we call American Press and why the Jewish are boycotting and censuring (yes there are million of way for censorship that you never hear, tell me about it)  We are just learning what our kids will be exposed to if  WE THE PEOPLE!  do not learn to speak out and defend our rights in a higher pitch that we are been trained for.

Martha Raddatz - Anderson Cooper 

Moderators in the Second Debate for the Presidency of United States

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

The Establishment vs. The New System

See the list of powerful Jews in this (demo-crazy) nations. Their titles and functions are in Spanish

 The Jewish/Zionist plan  fails in Babylonia. It fails in Egypt. It fails with the Romans. It fail in Spain. It fail in Germany. Let see who is trying in the New World.- Argentina*, Chile*, Mexico*, Peru*, Uruguay*, Colombia* try again in *Spain, and also United States of America. We are almost there in the New Canaan. 

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