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Things and People that are Blown out of Proportions.- By: JPAlmejeiras

John Lennon, Steven Jobs, Michael Jackson and thousandths other people in history have been blown out of proportions. 

I was looking at a picture of the (allegedly) corpse of Quadaffi. The pestilent remains (judging by people covering their noses) was faraway to be a respectful image. I was thinking what a horrible image that must be for the people that loved or admired him. Probably not too many, but I bet my horse that there was some relatives and friends that cry when they saw that image portrayal. Same happens with the picture of Che Guevara body, Mussolini or any of the people killed by them. That is a big contrast with kings, queens and leaders of the past, many of they committed horrendous crimes, but they have the power, the money and the followers to get a decent burial and monuments to be remembered, as good people, that is.

I can't tell about other people in the pass, I just never meet, heard or read unbiased opinions about Hitler, Napoleon, Cleopatra or even José Martí. But the aforementioned in my first paragraph are people who were fresh news to me during their time. That is why I can understand like people inflated actions, personality and knowledge of those people that die tragically, heroically or simply too young. I do not try to demerit their accomplishments, if any. I'm sure that many readers will consider my opinion sacrilegious. But c'mon, none of those here alluded were saints, (not even close). And about accomplishments; Any of them discovered the wheel? ... The Air conditioner? ... or at least the Santa Catalina island?.. nope. I rest my case. 

John Lennon

Not only they do not discovered anything, in the case of John Lennon (besides his bad taste in women) it was very known his drug experiments, illegal activities and disdain for good habits. I wont go further about this person just because I know that he was a good musician - for many people - I mean. In my taste Ñico Saquitos was a lot ahead of Lennon in that area and nobody in Cuba dedicated a statue to Ñico. Maybe have a  lot to do with people ignorance about what talent dissemination is or what closely related is fame and fortune to it. And course, been in Cuba they associated with history and the likes  only what happens after 1959  or the one tinted in pink or red before that.

Steve Jobs

Steven Jobs, a man with vision, a leader of his followers (well, at some point he was fired by his peers, but hell, nobody's perfect). Now.. How come his company and cheerleaders  are trying to make a legend out of him?... the media can buy that (suckers for money) ... but... Public opinion?.. First of all the big things attributed to him are part of his inspiration toward the company that used to belong to him. Great people, hard and dedicated techs and engineers (Steve was not any of that, he was a fast doctor, like those that are made in Universities that need the backup from big names or lots of money =HC). He was just a man with a desire to make wonderful things. Some good other disastrous. Only history can tell what is what. He goes hand in hand with Bill Gates (Dr. Gates, I tell you...) Both of this young people,  last products from the epoch of the hippies, the LSD, the Viet Nam War, Richard Nixon and other stuff, both of them are, somewhat responsible together with other thousands of the same generation, of that devilish or wonderful, depends like you look at it, contraction called a micro-computer. Only time will put together what benefit, or what disaster can be associated with that little machine. (tell me whom invent it and I'll tell you what they are good for!)

How inventions was helped with or how many jobs cost at future generations. For good or for bad is one idea that is directly tied to that fantastic guy, Steven Jobs; The advertising of the Mac when  trying to break the control over people that Big Brother was exerting, that same equipment became a slaver of people, giving industry and governments the tools to know every single detail of the privacy of their citizens/customers, the tool that all multi-corporations need it to make lambs out of people. No privacy, just monthly payments, where the average person can not own anything because everything is tide to a monthly payment toward an idea, a thing, nothing substantial. Thanks Jobs, thanks for nothing to you and the friend that robbed so many ideas from you, Bill Gates (or should I say Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, I remember this beautiful kid. Lovely, intelligent, charismatic and with a musical sense that can't escape the attention of the initiated in that art. He grow fast and good. But something happens. Money and fortune destroy a beautiful brain and from very good dancer and musician he jump to icon. Symbol of a generation non-conformist with their status. The sweet and musical became obscene gestures and movements copied from a bad dream. The rhythm and cadence were there, exotically calling the attention of the young, but the person was been transfigured into a (it hurts to say it but is the plain truth and that is the only way to find the right way to everything) a freak. The obsession to be a physically  different person was corroding his mind, the adulation and consent of people that Michael trust, did not allowed for guidance. The money that he was making, for years, permitted to buy even the approval of people that feel violated. That included kids and some say animals. (not money for those... I think) We believed, that he was not a kid anymore, it was a symbol, a diabolical one, like the ones idolized in United States TV and politics. (That mean monkey see monkey do by nations without a proper sense of music)  Even his closer family was a false one. He bough his own kids, right from the factory like you buy a car or a house when you have the right money, the right laws and the right society (now have become a trend). And his followers and the sold out media accepted that weird behavior without giving the poor guy the opportunity to listen to the truth. \

Atomic bomb


Night sniper

Science, the best allied against overpopulation

Is not only people. If the overblown Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and theirs Nobel, (lol) awards, is just something like the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with the Oscar, I get a pretty good idea how everything works and furthermore how expert's opinion works. That's why the minds are so screw up in the world. Just look at the movies that Hollywood releases and how they are imitated around the world, compare that to the Nobel in Literature and the Peace ones. (Incredible!)...  What about Science? Look at the so called scientific community. Everyday with new theories, ideas, counsels. Everyday more sure of itself but everyday there is more hunger, more wars and more disasters in the world that follows those sciences. The overblown science, (monkey science looks to me) with that temple of prizes in Sweden. 

The science that can say, without hesitation, that a bone was 2 millions years old but can not say how old is one, just certified from last week, excuse me whoever sign your check, for me that smell like Bs, taste like Bs and look like Bs, you can bet your diploma is...Bs.  

Just because nobody can demonstrate something that happens millions of year back or can't do it with a history and appearance of within a week but have a paper that says such a person invest 10 years of his/her life trying to give proof of the age of a rock, does not indicate, in the more minimum moment of a nerd stubborn existence that is a scientific fact. Some will call it science at its best, a computer will assure it its, depending in the arrangement, not of the molecules in the stone, but of the bits and bytes in the area destined, in the word, as location for those 0s and 1s to get the proper calculation. Those that also depends, of other smart or stupid, clear or drunks, small or tall, individuals, at the time of interpreting the data. Many "experts" (as seen on TV) will call that Science. 

For me the real name is cynicism. A myth based in the ignorance of the, what they really are: Parishioners of "because they say so"   Some (not all course) Scientist that decide that a mouse became deaf when do not obey orders to run with only one leg. Or the dumb women that insist to the husband in not contradicting the doctor in his assertion that the husband is dead, or the so call scientist that (he thinks) discover the stone that began the process of evolution, or the bunch that test an Atomic Bomb! without being sure it will not finish with humanity or the little intelligence left in it. The thalidomide of technology (still in process though)  You judge. 

How we can accept the Science in the present and irrational epoch we are living? ... When one day we hear something is good and the following the same stuff is bad?.. All depending in who say it or whom does not. 

Congress and the original (not natives population)

Like the States Law.  Rejects lawyers deciding what is good for the people!  Doctors deciding how much taxes to pay!  Politicians deciding what is more important for the budget; schools, hospital, insurance or jails. I bet the jails get the best shot, the members of any congress in a demo-crazy society  (the representatives of the mass chosen by them, the "lower class" to represent the values and properties of the "high class" in a way that them can serve as leaders to train the executive branch in how to enforce the devisor line between vassals and aristocracy ) being the officially elected (demo_crazy representation) group to adjust the guideline of what is law and orders of the community, they have for sure, good remuneration for their services (they set the salaries and benefits themselves) very good insurance, that cover the hospital. The school? is too late for those British chicks, (legal dinosaurs, big wigs) they probably spend their college time, (if any)  drinking, partying, playing and screwing around  and now we know why we have not genius around. 

Thanks heavens in other places they are some people we can buy. Nobody can beat us in getting people. Even if we destroy their places first to make them to understand how good demo-crazy is for humanity. 

In the refuge lotto we get first choice, we can beat any other offer. Money is the great commodity, infinity in our properties. ( I mean the one under our flag, the other ones .. well.. that depends). Before, we used to sell future commodities, (or commodities for the future) that is how we got the best of Germany, Japan and Italy (well Italians are as old in here like the Navajos,  they even named a weapon as the feminine name of those natives (navajas) they called). Those wonderful and well organized business association give a new look at the old-new cities that served as example to our great nation. New York, New Jersey, New Haven, New Orleans, and others not that old as; Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose, etc.  Those place make a precedent of what characteristic should the congress (any congress) look ahead in his pursuit of freedom, happiness and justice for all. 

 The Italians were only considered illegal when they still have some family left in Sicily, otherwise they can get away with murder. Some can even became policeman, as far as an Irishman keep an eye on them.  They taught us like to make "easy money". A very good precedent for our present economy, we even can  print our own money, any denomination.  Nobody care if we have reserve, around that theme we also learn from both the Irish, the Italians and later from the Jews, to be very, very reserved.

 "Monkey see, monkey do, but never, ever monkey talk." 

The champions of our country live (more of they) the sweet life that at the end make everything looks better, optimistic, reasonable. Even killing human beings looks good with the remnants of drugs laying dormant in the windmills of our brain. The experience and the song says so.


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