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Just looking at whatever place our "heroes" have been for intervention, will explain how wrong our foreign policy is. In every place that demo_crazy shows to "help", the freedom disappear, democracy changes to consumerism, power and abuse of minority over people take precedent over decency and good manners, and economic disaster shows with the ubiquitous loan from the depleted (how much is their debt?) reserves in the "more powerful system". For sure in armaments and ammunitions we have enough to kill every living thing in the face of the earth. Our leaders are so full of foreign materials in their brains that they keep the hope to move to another planet. Well, fortunately most thinkers are not members of the Congress. Is time to leave the bottle, the grass, the paraphernalia and go back to school. Len Zayas

US accused of promoting Venezuela Intervention at UN

                       Ros-Lehtinen and Menendez have consistently advocated for US intervention 

The Decrepit Imperialism vs Democracy

Three Palestinian dead in Jerusalem clashes ...

How Trump and Netanyahu pushed Palestinians to a corner

Top Ten Reasons to Oppose U.S. aid to Israel

With friends like Israel who needs enemy (from CIA declassified documents)

In early June 1981, Israeli Air Force aircraft successfully bombed an Iraqi nuclear facility near Baghdad. Curious about how the Israelis had obtained the necessary targeting information to carry out the dramatic long-range strike, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) Bobby Inman asked for a review of imagery and other materials that had been provided to Israeli intelligence officials. As previously noted, policies in effect at the time called for limiting Israeli access to satellite imagery to those photos showing potential direct threats to Israel. Inman quickly found that the Israeli and United States concepts of what constituted such threats differed substantially. During their nearly six months of renewed access to US satellite imagery, the Israelis had obtained "a lot" of information not only about Iraq, but also about Libya, Pakistan, and other countries lying at considerable distances from Israel. The DDCI immediately restricted future distribution of satellite photography. The Israelis were to be allowed to receive imagery only of areas within 250 miles of Israel's borders. They could, however, make specific requests for any other coverage desired, to be approved or denied by the DCI on a case-by-case basis.



Past and present of American's


Recommended Videos.-  Oliver Stone: The untold history of the United States,  Naomi Klein: The Shock Theory,    William Blum : CIA murder and torture of Hundreds of thousands of people,   Noam Chomsky: Who does control the world?  Gore Vidal: Why Do They Hate Us?

Len Zayas Commentaries: 

 Why all the problems of the world are blamed in USA?

 The Second Debate and what it represent to the World (First)

 Another wasted space for a library in place of schools.

The Second Debate and what it represent to the World (Final)

Authors, directors, journalists who love freedom.-

 William Blum, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal


The Wasp: Things and People that are Blown out.....

Un-doping history with USA as main protagonist. 

If Americans Knew

Genocide worries in 2017 but not 1994    

The history is not for the average American, otherwise the world could be a better place. 100 Syrian kill  is a terrible thing, so is 1 baby. Our people is always watching garbage, losing track of reality. If the death are clear skin, we risk anything for revenge, Blacks? is other thing. 800,000 blacks death in 1994, everybody fault, mainly our slave known as UN and our boss Israel.

If History is to be Creative

  Israel imposes general closure on West Bank ahead of Jewish holiday

From Human Rights Watch about the Rwanda Genocide  About three months before the genocide started, UN Peacekeepers caught a French plane making a secret landing at night. The plane was making a delivery to the Hutu extremists, full of weapons and mortars that would soon be put to use in the genocide.

The red menace just never gets old. Apocalypse in Venezuela

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua: Hostile Media Coverage and Economic Sabotage Member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas are natural targets for the relentless psychological warfare of Western news media, because they form a resistance front to the foreign policy imperatives of the United States government and its allies

Militarization And Police Violence in America Hardly a day goes by without news of a police killing.  And each time we hear from scholars and observers that the police is too militarized.   No doubt!

Regime Change in the U.S.: Proposal from a Concerned Citizen   (A look at where we came from to know Why we are lost. lz) As we recall, the justification to wage war on Iraq was the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction (WMD). At the time, the US and its indefectible British ally were calling for regime change in Iraq. 

 The American Democracy is only for U.S.A. not even for Israel

For all those Evangelicals that think of Israel as the people of God. Be known that religion

have not relation to the actual Jews. Listen to this and learn.-

"Marching to Zion" Press camera for be seen in tablets and phones

Helping Cuba

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