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Today date: 9/23/2017

Closing Date: 7/17/2017

"The pen is mightier than the sword" 

(When is not sold out!)


If you want America Great, is not need to vote, just teach History to your kids. A history with all the good and the bad. Not how we invent stuff (must are fallacies), or we liberate nations, that's all right if   explained why we "liberate" them. 

  Remember Iraq! ... and something else!

All presidents are alike. Some more alike than others.

 Iraq.-We acted fast. So fast that we are still making that place intolerable. Maybe somebody sold the gas from there to Syria. Remember the Syrian hospital where we send tanks after the airplanes make a mistake?  Where we erased everything that was left to avoid investigation. Even kill some doctors in the run? That was not accident.  Nobody attack us because of that, as far as we know. We used diplomacy and now nobody (in English speaking places) have memory of that.

US Attacks Syria, Israel style.- We are concerned with the infants. If this escalate we will see where Israel is going to help. Maybe asking for refuge in Utah. No worry, we have plenty of money to fight anybody. The country gets the glory, We the people get the debts, the scarcity and the dead.

*The Nazi helmet is not to bother people that suffered under Nazi regime, is just the official helmet of  NATO-OTAN

What network  remind us of a Chihuahua dog?


The problem caused by people living in the US. It is not to try to achieve the "American Dream", but that in the process they allow not, to peacefully sleep, the rest of humanity. Len Zayas


“That's why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”
George Carlin

Heroes of Israel

Ready to fight the dangerous attack of kids with rocks and knifes in occupied nation.

See the horrible Palestinian intent of trying to break fences in the jail known as West Bank. Do you really think Hamas is helping Palestine? 

The excuse of security that changed Palestine, with the help of the Great Britain, NATO, USA, from peaceful place to the Israelite fascist state that is today, is the strongest destabilizing force against peace today.

 Israel is aggressive, infatuated, stupid and abusive. A present menace to the world peace. 

Look like a contagious disease, is spreading to our (almost) democratic nations. Our potential leaders have the ears open to the Jewish banks while close to the people opinion. 

What can we do but to see what the pass leaders (good or bad) knew about them?


We know that the truth can not be offensive, furthermore we do not offer apologies o satisfaction when required under intimidation of any type. Others do not even get close to what I perceive like been a Jewish epidemic. But like we call Americans everybody that have a paper that say so, I can not make exceptions in relation to names, races or religion. That is part of the world obscurantism that have been implanted by the elitism, discrimination and stupidity in U.S.A., England, Europe and some archaic tribes in the whole world. That being said. We add the following. We know several people that consider themselves like Jewish, simple because religion or they wanted or family obligations. Many of them do not sympathize with the Zionist dictatorial, inhumane and illegal practices. We remind them, we are not talking about you. And you know who you are. If want a satisfaction please contact me and we will discuss under the rules of parliaments. They are others that I admire, respect and some of them even love, like: my hero and role model; Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, all the friends and crew of the Free Gaza Flotilla, the people from ANSWER, and some that escape my memory. Thanks. lz


Adolph Hitler:

".. a Jew never thinks of leaving a territory that he has occupied, but remains where he is ...

He is and remains the typical parasite, a sponger who like a noxious bacillus keeps spreading ... 

wherever he appears, the host people dies out after a shorter or longer period ... Thus, the Jew of all times has lived in the states of other peoples... under the disguise of religious community ... The Jew's life [is] as a parasite in the body of other nations..."

pp. 276-277, Mein Kampf

It is a scandal in contemporary international law, don’t forget, that while “wanton destruction of towns, cities and villages” is a war crime of long standing, the bombing of cities from airplanes goes not only unpunished but virtually un accused. Air bombardment is state terrorism, the terrorism of the rich. It has burned up and blasted apart more innocents in the past six decades than have all the anti-state terrorists who ever lived. Something has benumbed our consciousness against this reality. In the United States we would not consider for the presidency a man who had once thrown a bomb into a crowded restaurant, but we are happy to elect a man who once dropped bombs from airplanes that destroyed not only restaurants but the buildings that contained them and the neighborhoods that surrounded them. I went to Iraq after the Gulf war and saw for myself what the bombs did; “wanton destruction” is just the term for it. – 

C. Douglas Lummis, political scientist - The Nation, September 26, 1994, p.304 from: williamblum.org

  Who's the terrorist?

If a country is helping terrorists ( the true terrorists are not the one that defends their land from invasive forces, or the one that cave tunnels looking for family's food or necessities.) The terrorists are the one that accuses the victims of everything the criminals do, covering the fallacies with doubtful sanctifications and trying to make the bad look like good and vice verse. Whatever is a friend of Israel is a friend of terrorists. Whoever help with guns and ammunitions a country to destroy another with the only intention of violating their rights to the usufruct of the land of their original inhabitants is as guilty of genocide as the one that use that armaments. Len Zayas


Links to people that want Freedom

Palestine  Argentine  Honduras  Guatemala  Salvador  Puerto Rico  

  By the fallacious Jews the only thing they can explain about the modern Palestine is the following: 'The word Palestinian has it roots in a Hebrew (?) word meaning Philistine.' 

Now look at the American Jews illustrating "intellectuals" in a Google dictionary description: 

noun: philistine; plural noun: philistines
person who is hostile or indifferent to culture and the arts, or who has no understanding of them.
ex: "I am a complete philistine when it comes to paintings"

uncultured, lowbrow, anti-intellectual, uncultivated, uncivilized, uneducated, unenlightened, commercial, materialist, bourgeois; More ignorant, crass, boorish, barbarian (note.-They forgot communist)

"a romantic visionary, persecuted by a philistine establishment"

adjective: philistine
hostile or indifferent to culture and the arts.
"a philistine government"


"So much for teaching pass culture. The donkey describing the mustangs."

New generations of "information and culture" use the Bible like references but that is part of the mess in our times. You can, like better check: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Philistine-people When in there try to check (and make sense of) the map, while figuring it out the surrounding of  the "aggressive" Phoenicia and Philistia by the sanctified "People of Yahweh"  and not forgetting that the sea is controlled, not by Palestine but by the  now colonizer Israel.    Notes by the editor Len Zayas

The Jewish are a bunch of liars. They love to make their voice  amplified no matter what. The biggest lies were published in their famous Bible. Those racist thugs disguised as prophets, in the biggest pamphlet written in the world, even pretend to have conversation with God (the creator). Pretending to be leaders of the world (a crazy imitation of euro-Americans infiltrated through Ellis Island and disguising the history with the tales of illegal aboriginals and Irish. Italian, Russian and other 'Legal Americans') If you can believe that God did have to ask Cain where his brother was, and ask Abraham to cut the head of his own son just to find if the guy was obedient, and order David to throw babies in a oven just for the heck of it, and to Moses to take Canaan like a freaking bullish, and if you can believe that God direct those Jewish expelled from Egypt in a Merry-Go-round on the dessert, and if you believe that "everybody" hates Jewish because they are the people of God, and if you believe that Jesus the Christ, been what some people call "the best human been in the face of the earth" can be genetically tied to this weird, envious and distorted people THEM you deserve to also belief that we Americans are superior human beings, that we have all those base and soldiers around the word to "protect ourselves" and to protect "freedom".  Then you deserve to believe that we grow from 13 stunted colonies to 50+ just because Jehovah (or somebody like that) give us the right to take whatever we want (or He tell us to do it) and He wants US to control the world and give the humanity the good example of how to make slaves of the people of God in earth,  or give us the blessing in how to build armaments (including atomic bombs that we throw over the head of, no samurais or warriors, but Japanese peasants in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that had, at the time, the same responsibility or ability that "We the people" had when our freaking military ( called heroes by the ignorant, depraved and warmongering Jewish press) throw Agent Orange over fertile land in Viet Nam, cluster bombs over the population of Afghanistan, or bombed hospitals in Aleppo, Syria or civilian populations in Yemen, Africa. Chase American to be assassinated without trial, by "soldiers" working, without risk or conscience, from an air conditioned and safe office, shooting from drones. The normal people are keep in darkness of news, simply because the Jewish enterprises, the same that "sell armaments for defense" and take care that we forget the murders that committed those  disgusting  acts, or if we do, to remember those people, mainly from the Air Force, like heroes. Using in their propaganda the ones that "revenge the crimes of the Nazis" read as "Veterans of the WWII" from almost 3 quarter of a century ago.  The same Jewish Israeli-American mostly Zionist, that fill our screens with fictitious heroes, very different to our "special forces", "Rangers", and so many that need to use all kind of paraphernalia to fight people without shoes, water or food, when not to kill old people, pregnant women and kids. In Jewish movies they use just their normal brain and their "cojones" to fight bad people, many of those already death in the plot or coming from other galaxies.   In the real life we do not see the similarity, simply because there are not any fictitious hero, like Mac Cloud or Batman, any Knight, Rockford, Colombo, The Rat Patrol, and henceforth. So good in propaganda, brainwashing for kids. In the real life (with few exceptions) nothing with the decorum of doing it in front of the a enemy face, or with equal strength enemies, just third world countries, tired of fighting other imperialistic nations, embargo victims, weakened by abusive incursions. Those are our enemies, we try to be friend with Russia, China and our eternal teacher, Great Britain, that obsolete and ambitious society that like Spain, only try to keep the already impoverished nobility at the expense of marriage and exploitation of the new rich. 

If the regular people, 90% of any population, open their eyes will notice; that the enriched Jewish, thanks to the ignorance of those that can't differentiated between right and wrong, between promises and BS, between charity and rip off, and between freedom and programmed slavery are falling into the Middle Ages thanks to the apparent technological "advances" of the present and the promises of a future in some faraway planet. The Bible and the New Testament (exception made in more of the Epistles used to describe the few speeches of Jesus Christ) we note how the writers are been describing the way to intimidate the humanity and take us away from the promises of a new life that Jesus talk about it. Our relationship with the other human beings. How they are a separation between rich and poor. How the rich can get all their happiness in this time or world, while the poor (if following the example given by the Supreme Creator of the Universe with Jesus) will have a more permanent reward. Not the Israelite influence, that people already show (in their treat of the inhabitants of Palestine, then and now) the have a bigger agenda. Thanks to the Big Brother that is paving the way with their drones, napalm, bombs, rockets, airplanes, snipers,.. that the prophecy of yesterday is happening today. Pure fallacy, just trying to demonstrate, for ignorant and pure clueless that make a good living teaching nonsense, that they are the version of the biblical savages in the biblical past. Basically the mythological (Greek and Roman) pass adjusted with (arguably) a monotheism suspicious and infantile.   The same fallacies, lies and results.  The same people may reasoning more complicated with their stupidity cover with the name of "scientific".  Big bangs, relativity and black holes are part of that cacophony of Jewish theories that look inspired by hallucinogenics from their times in Babylon till their invasion of Canaan (Palestine) until the invasion of Palestine with colonization by Great Britain. The rest is another history and we will use their own words to provide materials that only the cynicism of imperialists, the submission of the League of Nations and the complicity of the Arab world could make a hell out of the land of Jesus Christ; Palestine.   Hope the real God have mercy in them when the moment of true arrive.

 Len Zayas

Top 10 Evil people in the Bible

Like always, Jews buy and change everything historic and transform reality into innocent disgraces that happens to their glorified people. With relation to the "10 Evil People" I should have keep a copy of the original one, but they stay the same in the books. They "the Jews" find excuses for anything. They even bomb countries (American learn from them) just in the presumption that Israel could be attacked in the future.  No matter how you flourish this circumstances the truth still is that the Jewish and Israeli kings were supposed to be Anointed by the Lord. And their Lord (fortunately not mine) should know better than to be picking criminals and capricious bastards as leaders of His People.

Keep in mind that the Jewish and Israeli kings were supposed to be Anointed by the Lord 

(whatever a Lord were for these people)  Notes by Len Zayas

With friends like Israel who needs enemy (from CIA declassified documents)

In early June 1981, Israeli Air Force aircraft successfully bombed an Iraqi nuclear facility near Baghdad. Curious about how the Israelis had obtained the necessary targeting information to carry out the dramatic long-range strike, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) Bobby Inman asked for a review of imagery and other materials that had been provided to Israeli intelligence officials. As previously noted, policies in effect at the time called for limiting Israeli access to satellite imagery to those photos showing potential direct threats to Israel. Inman quickly found that the Israeli and United States concepts of what constituted such threats differed substantially. During their nearly six months of renewed access to US satellite imagery, the Israelis had obtained "a lot" of information not only about Iraq, but also about Libya, Pakistan, and other countries lying at considerable distances from Israel.22 The DDCI immediately restricted future distribution of satellite photography. The Israelis were to be allowed to receive imagery only of areas within 250 miles of Israel's borders. They could, however, make specific requests for any other coverage desired, to be approved or denied by the DCI on a case-by-case basis.23


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Past and present of American's


Recommended Videos.-  Oliver Stone: The untold history of the United States,  Naomi Klein: The Shock Theory,    William Blum : CIA murder and torture of Hundreds of thousands of people,   Noam Chomsky: Who does control the world?  Gore Vidal: Why Do They Hate Us?

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Authors, directors, journalists who love freedom.-

 William Blum, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal


The Wasp: Things and People that are Blown out.....

Un-doping history with USA as main protagonist. 

If Americans Knew

Genocide worries in 2017 but not 1994    

The history is not for the average American, otherwise the world could be a better place. 100 Syrian kill  is a terrible thing, so is 1 baby. Our people is always watching garbage, losing track of reality. If the death are clear skin, we risk anything for revenge, Blacks? is other thing. 800,000 blacks death in 1994, everybody fault, mainly our slave known as UN and our boss Israel.

If History is to be Creative

  Israel imposes general closure on West Bank ahead of Jewish holiday

From Human Rights Watch about the Rwanda Genocide  About three months before the genocide started, UN Peacekeepers caught a French plane making a secret landing at night. The plane was making a delivery to the Hutu extremists, full of weapons and mortars that would soon be put to use in the genocide.

The red menace just never gets old. Apocalypse in Venezuela

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua: Hostile Media Coverage and Economic Sabotage Member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas are natural targets for the relentless psychological warfare of Western news media, because they form a resistance front to the foreign policy imperatives of the United States government and its allies

Militarization And Police Violence in America Hardly a day goes by without news of a police killing.  And each time we hear from scholars and observers that the police is too militarized.   No doubt!

Regime Change in the U.S.: Proposal from a Concerned Citizen   (A look at where we came from to know Why we are lost. lz) As we recall, the justification to wage war on Iraq was the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction (WMD). At the time, the US and its indefectible British ally were calling for regime change in Iraq. 

 The American Democracy is only for U.S.A. not even for Israel

    Please do not elect more senators to the presidency. Should be more qualified people around without the damage that been in congress cause to lawmakers!

United States government, making a mockery out of the Constitution,  deliberately allow private enterprises to violate every single shred of privacy in their own citizenship, with the intention (or complot) of using the results of that violations at the best convenience of their elected officials and corporative benefactors. lz

This world do not learn from history.-The conquest of Vietnam by France began in 1858 and was completed by 1884. It became part of French Indochina in 1887. Vietnam declared independence after World War II, but France continued to rule until its 1954 defeat by communist forces under Ho Chi Minh. Under the Geneva Accords of 1954, Vietnam was divided into the communist North and anti-communist South. Them we, the good ones, went to liberate the oppressed North with the help of the "demo crazy" South. The rest you know it! 

For all those Evangelicals that think of Israel as the people of God. Be known that religion

have not relation to the actual Jews. Listen to this and learn.-

"Marching to Zion" Press camera for be seen in tablets and phones

(c)1990-2017 lzayas.com

"Too Late my Dear Albert"

 The worst example we can pick, in the already corrupt, immoral, inhumane, biased and fallacious American press is The New York Times. The typical press is only few points, journalistically speaking, above the telecommunication  news. Full of experts that make a living defending oppressors, abusers and liars instead the other way around. But even them, the pick of the litter, dare to talk about the underground decision to analyze in the United Nation (the cartel of the world) the so called "conflict" between Israel and Gaza. 

So they, the press, treat the situation in the same way that they treated the "conflict" between the native Americans and the colonizers, the "conflict" between Indians and cowboys,  the "conflict" between firecrackers and rockets, the "conflict" between patrons and workers, the "conflict" between caretakers and infants, and I can keep forever. Is hard for you and me to find an impartial thing. If you want to understand, better pray first but do not expect any of this "reporters" to tell you anything reasonable. 

Try first to understand the history of the press in America, the history of Canaan, the history of colonization, from where the predators come to here, the United Nation and why, etc. There were a page "Lenzayas.com" that used to explain a lot about that. But since my dear Zionists own everything that mean ideas, communications and money, and can pay lackeys (remember the narcs traffickers power, is the same but with more years of experience and taking the governments by the hand). They can destroy legally, nobody will say they are not right, I just did not pay $14.00, incredible but true!  So been incredible you wont believe, right? 

 Is not necessary to talk about that (they are several ways to skin a cat) beside I was fighting for justice when I was in second grade and it rain a lot since.  And besides is  a fight between a loudspeaker and  a thunder.  I am just stubborn when human life is at stake.

So is natural I do not expect that people waiting to get a couple dollars for not to find justice, sacrifice a Martini to save the life of a Palestinian, or worried where less fortunate mother will run when American's paid ammunitions, exploit in the house where their kids sleep. Now if you follow the bible (or the Martini) then is, by your logic (or if you are very religious, in which case please say it so I can understand your position) that to be God favorites give anybody, no matter what peculiar or brutal that people can be, priorities in your appreciation of who live or who die.  To get worried about a group of mothers (that get money from your tax, got land and house extort from the people that leave in the place for centuries, have things, that they probably deserve, but not necessarily under morally accepted conditions.) having to wait for a firecracker with capabilities to  kill a dove, alerted with time to get refuge even in a bike, lying in a luxury rug in a place like a shopping mall. Horror! I will like to learn like to say Horror! in Hebrew, so I can repeat that every time a pigeon hit the head against my window.

But I know is impossible for more of those experts talkers and writers to learn with logic. Most of they are lawyers. The end justify the mean, my customer is always right, money talk.

 And besides.-All this thing together are too big for their limited encephalic mass to digest. 

Len Zayas (05/04/2017)

"Too Late my Dear Albert"

   "The freedom of expression is just a fallacy while  dissemination and control be on the hands of fascists" 

Len Zayas


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